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Minit is Jasmine Guffond and Torben Tilly, formed in Sydney in 1997. Drawing upon influences from experimental electronic, rock and avant-garde music, Minit aim to create a concordant relationship between a sound that holds emotive power and musicality and a sensitive 'microscopic' study of electro-acoustic phenomena. They use electronic, digital, sampling and mixing technologies to manipulate recorded and 'found' sound and to transcend conventional instrumental approaches to composition. Their music is anything but sterile technological examination. Instead they are trying to bring an open-ended experimentalism into the architecture of song, and vice versa. From digitally deconstructed 'songs' to expanded electro-acoustic works, Minit explore abstract sound as much as traditional musical forms, striving to produce a music that exists uniquely inbetween.

Minit are interested in early Minimalism's underlying connection to the psychedelic moment in trance-like listening states when repetition and constancy give way to perceived variations in form and structure. Minit's music explores a similar interplay between repetition and movement, aiming for a melodic, harmonic, and sonic form that is at once instantly conceivable, yet forever unfolding. The result is what one might call a 'static aural plane' - characterised by a sense of endlessness, these hypnotic sonic habitats transform incrementally over time in subtle and hallucinatory ways creating an illusion of stasis and opening up an elasticity in the perception of time passing.

Previous to Minit, Guffond was a member of improvised ambient electronic duo Hiss who independently released a CD in 1996. She also played bass in the electronic/rock group Alternahunk recording and releasing a CD on the Dual Plover label in 1997. Tilly's musical career began in New Zealand in 1990 with the rock group The Garbage & The Flowers releasing a single on US label Twisted Village in 1991, an album on US label The Now Sound in 1997 and some songs on NZ and UK compilations.
MINIT    'Ijmuiden'   Motion: Movements in Australian Sound
V/A  2xCD      
TORBEN TILLY    'Droszkhi's Gate'    Gating    Westspace Inc.    V/A  CD
JASMINE GUFFOND    'Blue Variation'   Harmonia    Westspace Inc.    CD
MINIT   'II / 'IV    Snawklor Records    8"
MINIT    'II    Dislocations    Zonar    V/A  2xCD
'No Sound No Movement No Memeory'    Anywhere Now    Scott Donovan Gallery, Sydney.
[14 x speakers, 2 x fluorescent lights, 2 x variable timers, 4 x CD players, 8 channel audio playback, 24 minute repeater]
'Ij Variation'    Variable Resistance: 10 Hours of Sound Art from Australia    MoMA, San Francisco
'Harbour'    Catching....the Harbour    Australian Museum, Sydney.
[5.1 DVD audio playback, 15 minute repeater]
'Comfort Control'    Open '97    The Performance Space, Sydney.
[2 x speakers, tape loop, light sensitive switches]
MINIT    cc / bb    sigma editions sigma008    12"
MINIT    Bootleg / Four   Tonschacht 001    7"
MINIT    Music    sigma editions sigma003    CD
MINIT    Now Right Here    Staubgold    CD/12"  
MINIT    'Berlin Untitled'    Metaklang    RMIT Gallery    V/A  CD
"Thursday night in the tiny, dimly-lit 'bunker' of the Mission Theatre sees Sydney based duo Minit deliver an awesome set of minimalist electronics - exquisitely controlled tones, drones and half hidden rhythms providing one of the most gripping performances of the week.'
- Dave Howell, 'On Location: This is Not Art Festival, Newcastle, Australia,' The Wire, November 2001

"What is Music's Australian contingent were just as impressive, drawing attention to a burgeoning 'scene' of exploratory artists who are every bit the equal of their over seas counterparts. Highlights included Minit's layered folds of mesmeric analogue electronics."
- Jon Dale, 'On Location: What is Music 2002, Sydney,' The Wire, September 2002
'Berlin Untitled Metaklan,' RMIT Gallery, Melbourne.
[Stereo audio, 20 min., hardisc playback]
Minit, ZKM, Karslruhe.
Minit, Rhiz, Vienna.
Minit, Stadtwerkstatt, Linz.
Minit / Oren Ambarchi / Christoff Kurzmann, Club der Polnischer Versager, Berlin.
Minit / Burkhard Beins / Michael Vorfeld / Dirk Marwedel, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe.
Minit / Mattin / Klaus Filip / Robin Hayward, Raumschiff Zitrone, Berlin.
Minit, Staubgold label night, Magnet, Berlin.
Minit / Paul Wirkus, Ausland, Berlin.
Minit / Kim Hiorthoy, Neue Berliner Initiativ, Berlin.
Minit, Kniesschuss Klub, Bremen.
Minit, Horbar, Hamburg.
Minit / Anthony Guerra / Salad Producer, Sprawl, London.
Minit / The Mean Streaks, Public Life, London.
Minit, Kulturbunker, Cologne.
Minit, MS Stubnitz, Scszecin.
Minit / Pimmon / Hotrod, Space 3, Sydney.
Minit / Rosy Parlane / D. Haines / Joel Stern, Impermanent Audio, The Frequency Lab, Sydney.
Minit / Snawklor / Winterville / Will Gutherie, 303, Melbourne.
Minit, If You Like Improvised Music We Like You, Space 3, Sydney.
Minit, What Is Music? Festival, Brett Whiteley Studios, Sydney.
Minit / Porter Ricks / Tony Buck, Liquid Architecture 3: National Sound Art Festival, Melbourne.
Minit / Darrin Verhagen / Sam Smith, Impermanent Audio, The Frequency Lab, Sydney.
Minit / Julian Knowles / Scott Horscroft / Oren Ambarchi, Appliance, Solar Research Centre, Sydney.
Minit, Ear Stage, Big Day Out, Sydney.
Minit / Joyce Hinterding / Vicky Brown, Voices of the Living Dead, Scott Donovan Gallery, Sydney.
Minit / Pimmon / Seo / Julian Knowles / Magmafinder, ElectroFringe, This is Not an Art Festival, Newcastle.
Minit / Rik Rue / Julian Culpan, Static Museum II, Artspace, Sydney.
Minit / Francisco Lopez / Robbie Avenaim, Impermanent Audio, Imperial Slacks, Sydney.
Minit / Chicks On Speed, Revolver, Melbourne.
Minit / Hecker / Pimmon / Sue Harding, What Is Music? Festival, Imperial Slacks, Sydney.
Minit, 2SER stage, Big Day Out, Sydney.
Torben Tilly / Jasmine Guffond, Soiree Ritornell, 5th Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Rotterdam.
Minit / D. Haines / Parmentier / Vladislav Delay / AFRI Studios, Sigma Editions European Tour, (Cologne, Rotterdam, Saarbrucken, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Hamburg, London).
Minit / Pimmon / Kazumichi Grimes / D. Haines, Audio Ideas: Talk/Listen, Artspace, Sydney.
Minit / Rosy Parlane / D. Haines, What Is Music? stage, Big Day Out, Sydney.
Minit, Mixing It, studio recording session, BBC 3, London.
Minit / D. Haines / Parmentier / Valdislav Delay, Sigma Editions European Tour, (Helsinki, Tallinn, Frankfurt, Saarbrucken, Berlin, Nijmegen, Munich, Vienna, Cologne, London).
Minit, 50 Record Players Live '98, The Public Office, Melbourne.
Minit / MSBR / Loop Orchestra / Peeled Hearts Paste, What Is Music? Festival, Artspace, Sydney.